Portable Bag Closers

Machines for sewing bags, carpets and geotextiles

High quality polyester thread made in Europe. 200gr cones available in white, red, blue and green color to be used in bag closers, geotextiles and other industrial applications.

Hilo de poliester para coser sacos BAG CLOSER POLYESTER THREAD
Prices Ex-Works Spain. Ask us for freight quotation
5010Kg5,05 €/kg50,5€
10020Kg4,85 €/kg97€
16032Kg4,75 €/kg152€

Feel free to us us for bigger quantities discounts. Cones available in 5kg, 8kg and so.

Free shipping to all Europe of bag closing machinery, one or double thread, chain stitch, overlock or safety stitch.

Our light but durable machines are ergonomically designed, never forgetting the operator's safety. High quality for heavy work on field, closing all kind of bags (grain, pet's food, sand, etc) with special union system that will assure a good sealing on carpets, geotextiles and other sewing applications.

Hot air welding gun
1600w Welding Gun
365 Euro*
Europe Free Courier Shipping

Kit including 20mm nozzle, 40mm nozzle and 40mm pressure silicon roller
Spec. Value
Air Volume 14m3/h
Static Pressure 3000Pa
Adjustable Temp. 20-650ºC
Net Weigth 1.3 Kg
PE and PVC
Tarpaulin, sign, roofing, tents, impermeabilization, water reservoirs, pool covers, etc.

GK 2200
850 Euro*
Europe Free Courier Shipping
Heavy duty and high speed, with safety stitch for sewing geotextiles
Spec. Value
Threads 2 (optional 1)
Needle UY9854
Speed 1800 rpm
Stitch Length 3-8mm
Weigth 5.0 Kg
Applications Geotextiles, and portable sewing machine with safety stitch.
portable bag closer
GK 1800
425 Euro*
Europe Free Courier Shipping

Single thread, single needle chain stitch portable bag closer
Spec. Value
Threads Single
Needle DP×5
Stitch Length 7mm
Weigth 3.7 Kg
Applications Bag closer for food, grain, sand, etc.
* Prices do not include VAT except for Spain. You should declare VAT in your country as intra-community operation.
If you are not registered as intra-community operator contact us before purchasing.
Invoiced and Shipped from Barcelona, Spain. Typical courier delivery 72h after payment received

Our polyester thread can be used in bag closers like Newlong, Revo, Thar, Fischbein, Keestar, Union Special, Yao-Han, etc.
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